Persistent Earth Observation Element

A team inspired by space technologies


François De Vecchi


X / Imperial College


Worked 6 years at Actemium

He lead a 3m€ activity portfolio as Business & Project Manager in security, transportation, energy and smart city systems for public and private customers



Co-Founder - CEO


Paul Aubin


Supaéro / McGill University


Worked 5 years at Parrot Drones


He developed key algorithms to ensure drones flight stability and led a team of 10 engineers on the development of lightweight mechanical gimbals



Co-Founder - CTO

What if we had a live map platform ?


The cars would move, the waves would slowly reach the beach and we could even see the crowd walking down the streets. This would be the perfect tool to monitor traffic, follow events and bring situation awareness to disasters




Peoxel brings persistent Earth Observation data in real time


An adventure starts with great people,

and challenges on the way :
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